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Tracker releases brand positioning campaign to usher in a new era of lifestyle solution ensuring convenience, simplicity and safety

For the past 25 years, South Africans have trusted Tracker, knowing that their cars and loved ones are safe on the road. As the brand looks to the future and embraces their vision of being a leader in business and lifestyle solutions, their diversified portfolio of products and services is well set to wrap every aspect of their clients’ lives in greater certainty, ease and peace of mind.

“With the world seeming a bit more fragile than before, we know that South Africans are needing someone to support them, given how challenging things are. As a company we are here to care for and protect people and their things.  We are here to make sure that things go right”, says Tracker CEO, Wayne de Nobrega.

Tracker’s new campaign is centred around the company’s promise that captures the certainty of knowing that Tracker is by your side, wherever you are. Whether you’re a parent who could do with a good night’s rest, looking for savings on utilities to extend your budget, peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe or a fleet owner looking to protect your investment and staff, Tracker’s got you, 24/7.

From saving a life to saving money, the evolution of Tracker’s lifestyle solution portfolio ensures that they’re there when needed most. With services such as Tracker Care for personal vehicles, Tracker AI Dashcam for fleets, Tracker CareGuard for rapid emergency response at the drop of a WhatsApp pin and Tracker Smart Geyser for remote geyser control and monitoring via a smartphone, Tracker helps its clients at home, on the roads and in life.

“Through our services we help businesses run better, make homes safer and smarter, assist in saving electricity and ensure that our customers sleep better at night. As a company we are thrilled to reveal our new brand campaign that illustrates the ever-expanding circle of protection and care that we create around South Africans”, concludes Tracker Head of Marketing, Charlette Roetz.

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