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Tracker has introduced its new service, Tracker Home, with the launch of the Tracker Smart Geyser offering. Through a partnership with Internet of Things provider Sensor Networks, Tracker Smart Geyser helps customers monitor their geyser remotely to enjoy cost savings.

By means of a user-friendly smartphone app, customers can view and change the temperature setting and heating schedule of their geyser. The remote access ensures that whether they are at home, at work or on holiday, customers can monitor their geyser’s daily electricity usage and running time, providing control to amend the geyser settings and save money.

Tracker Smart Geyser also proactively monitors the geyser’s health, detecting high temperatures, blown elements, leaks and ruptures. Should it detect any of these abnormalities, an instant fault notification is sent to the customer and, if required, the water supply to the geyser will be shut off immediately, protecting the home from further costly damage.

With Tracker Smart Geyser, customers can therefore enjoy up to 40% in energy savings, a 90% reduction in the chance of the geyser element blowing and a 98% reduction in consequential water damage from geyser failure. The product is approved by SABS and is ICASA compliant.

The actual sensor installation is easily completed by a qualified plumber, and pairing the geyser with the Tracker Smart Home app is also straightforward. Control of the geyser can be shared with tenants, family and friends. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Mark Allewell, Founder of Sensor Networks says, “We are excited to have Tracker join our growing stable of blue-chip clients, who are looking to innovate using the Internet of Things. Our technology gives homeowners the ability to fully control their geysers, along with other connected devices, helping them reduce household energy consumption while simplifying the insurance-claims process.”

“While Tracker is known for its stolen vehicle recovery, our brand promise ‘To care is to protect’, positions the company as one that cares for and protects its customers and partners,” says Michael du Preez, Executive: Product and Marketing at Tracker South Africa. “It is from this promise that we are expanding our range of products and services, connecting more than just cars, to make life safer and more convenient for South Africans. For the past 24 years, we have been looking after your vehicles and your family, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore our beautiful country. Now, we have created Tracker Home to take care of your home, the environment, your geyser and your electricity bill, to give you peace of mind while you enjoy life’s best moments.”