At Tracker we have a culture of continuous innovation which, also thanks to our experienced and dynamic team, has built us a reputation that goes far beyond our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) roots. This has positioned us as the leading provider of telematics solutions to an automotive ecosystem. But there’s more to it than just data:


We understand that it’s not just what information your business has, but how it uses it that makes a real difference. We’ve designed our products specifically to turn information about the way your business vehicles are used, into services that help you get to where you are going, in smarter, safer and more cost-effective ways. By making every drive easier, safer and more efficient, we give your business the freedom to thrive.


To ensure that you have one less thing to worry about, Tracker is affiliated with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and dealerships. This means that our technology can be pre-fitted to your new vehicle before it even leaves the floor, making it easy for you to “switch” your Tracker device on. If it hasn’t been pre-fitted, that’s ok too. We work closely with dealerships to ensure that, on your request, we fit your new wheels with the most appropriate Tracker service suitable for your needs.


Our service is something we pride ourselves on and making the process as simple as possible for you is what we strive for. In the case where you have not opted to buy your Tracker device through a Dealership or Insurance channel, you can contact us directly or request a quote for one of our agents to assist you in the purchasing of your Tracker service.


Tracking devices have a big impact on your vehicle insurance quotes. This is why, as an added level of protection, our Tracker units are recognised by major insurers. Essentially, we’re providing you with the convenience of acquiring Tracker's vehicle tracking technology when concluding your vehicle insurance policy.


Tracker is proud of its partnership with the South African Police Service. Through proactive relationships such as this, combined with our advanced technology solutions we have been able to recover more than 100 000 vehicles and have arrested almost 19 000 criminals to date.

Caring about all South Africans is our passion and we therefore adhere to the regulations set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority to ensure that the constitutional rights of all our customers are protected. PSIRA Reg. No. 2218039.

PSIRA Certificate

Initiatives like this ensure the safety of our customers and gives them the freedom to drive.