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A world first, WhatsApp-based rapid mobile armed response service

With crime an ever-present issue in our country, South Africans need to be able to request prompt help in the easiest, most familiar and fastest way possible. Traditionally, security and tracking companies have made use of separate devices or apps to assist customers in emergency situations. However, with emergencies hopefully few and far between, it is possible that the device or app is misplaced or forgotten and therefore not easily accessible when the need arises.

Tracker CareGuard subscribers use technology that many are familiar with and use frequently – WhatsApp – to be connected to a nationwide response network of over 1500 armed responders. On receiving a location pin, the WhatsApp bot automatically sends an emergency request to surrounding security responders. The closest responder will be activated and navigated directly to the site of the emergency through accurate pinpoint geo-location.

The responder will receive an instant profile of the subscriber with their identity and other relevant information via an in-vehicle responder device, ensuring that they can identify the subscriber immediately. The subscriber, in turn, will receive information enabling them to track and identify the responder.

“At Aura, we believe safety is a basic human need. We are driven to increase accessibility of these critical response services to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our partnership with Tracker will make massive strides toward this goal,” says Warren Myers, CEO of Aura.

Tracker provides control room backup that oversees all WhatsApp activations. Tracker can also facilitate additional resources being dispatched if required, for example, emergency medical services or the SAPS, depending on the emergency received via WhatsApp.

“Known for being a leader in stolen vehicle recovery, Tracker is diversifying its product portfolio to make life safer for all South Africans,” says Charlette Roetz at Tracker. “Convenient and easy to use, with Tracker’s latest innovation, Tracker CareGuard, you are sure to be safe, no matter the emergency. Throughout lockdown, we have heard with poignancy reports of the rise in gender-based and domestic violence. Our records indicate an increase in hijackings. Since no call is required, Tracker CareGuard provides a subtle and easy means to immediate assistance.”

South Africans are encouraged to test the service by saving 0861 222 781 as a WhatsApp contact on their mobile device and typing Hi in the chat to initiate a demo.