About Us

“Today, Tracker is data — how we collect it, process it and turn it into knowledge that allows us to provide proactive value to our partners and customers.”

Our purpose is to care for and protect people and their things. That’s exactly what we’ve done every day, from day one.

Since 1996, we’ve used data to understand people and their needs, in order to develop technology and services that help them look after their families, homes, cars and businesses.

We’ve done this in different ways, like providing personal safety services, recovering stolen vehicles, offering insurance, optimising fleet logistics and even managing geysers.

When we say “we got you”, we mean that we’re there for people from all walks of life and all corners of the land. We’re there for families that own a single car, small business with multiple cars, and organisations that have hundreds. We help companies run better every day, and parents sleep better at night. We save people time and money, and we save people’s lives.

With more than a million connected customers, Tracker is the dominant brand in our industry and a household name in South Africa. We employ more than 1500 people, each one of whom – in their different roles and their own small but significant ways – help to look after, and look out for, customers and communities across the country.

As we continue to grow, we continue to innovate, finding new ways to care and protect, creating new services that make people safer, their lives easier, and their things more secure.



At Home. On Roads. In Life.

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