Culture & Values

About Us

At the centre of our business you’ll find Tracker’s culture and values; the glue that holds us all together. We fully support learning and development and make sure that hard work is always rewarded. As you probably already know, Tracker endeavours to protect and care for all South Africans, and as the leading vehicle tracking company in South Africa, it’s vital that we conduct ourselves with the utmost honour and reliability.

Values Are The Fabric Of Our Company

As a team, we’re driven by these important values:

  • We each take responsibility
  • We all live service excellence
  • We all pull together
  • We each show respect
  • We are committed to transformation
  • We all make a plan

Taking a walk through Tracker’s head office, you’ll notice these values have been physically woven into the fabric of our building. Every wall is a reminder of our commitment to the values that keep this company alive.

We rate ourselves regularly to determine where our strengths lie and what areas need improvement. Our ratings are conducted within the business as a whole, as Tracker teams and as Tracker individuals. Every team member takes personal pride and responsibility in the company’s endeavours to protect and care for all South Africans; an inspiring thing to see and a reaffirmation of why Tracker is one of the best places to work.

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