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Is there a relationship between Tracker and SAPS?

Yes, the relationship between Tracker and SAPS has been in existence for almost 21 years. The collaboration between SAPS and Tracker is widely recognised as being one of the most successful public/private partnerships in South Africa.

Does Tracker have a contract with SAPS?

Yes, we do. The initial contract was awarded in 1996 following a formal tender process in terms of which companies who met the SAPS scope of requirements were invited to participate. Each contract is awarded for a period of 5 years where after it is subject to a new, formal tender process. 

Tracker has participated in the tender process from the outset and was successful in its bid on 4 consecutive occasions.

The contract was awarded on a “no cost” basis to both parties. There are however strict protocols and operating procedures in place which Tracker has to adhere to in order to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, as well as certain minimum infrastructure and training requirements. The contract does not confer on Tracker or its customers a right or entitlement greater than or different from that which is already owed to the public at large. 

Tracker also has contracts with the police authorities of bordering states in order to recover/repatriate vehicles that were stolen in South Africa and taken cross border. 

How was this contract awarded to Tracker?

SAPS invite all vehicle tracking companies that meet their infrastructure and specification requirements to bid for this tender every 5 years. Tracker has followed an open bidding process as it has been laid out by the government and appropriate police and security authorities, to the letter on each of these occasions. All interested parties/companies have an equal opportunity to participate in such bidding process. 

Tracker has been awarded the tender based solely on merit and prides itself on its high levels of corporate governance and integrity. One of Tracker’s core objectives is to assist the SAPS and other government institutions to make South Africa a safe, crime free country for future generations and it is our hope that other companies would also work closely with the SAPS to fight crime in our country. 

What has Tracker invested in this partnership to date? 

In simple terms, Tracker provides state of the art, national tracking networks, tracking equipment, training and operational support to ensure that the SAPS, SANDF and other law enforcement agencies are ideally equipped to carry out their duties in terms of fighting crime and protecting and securing South Africa’s inhabitants and their property more effectively and efficiently. 

To date Tracker has invested a material amount of money in vehicle tracking equipment and has trained a significant number of SAPS officers in the use of the Tracker system, at our cost. 

How does Tracker benefit from this contract? 

Tracker believes in making South Africa a safer place for all its people. Fighting crime to make our country a safer place is at the core of our business and everything we do is done to support and enable this. 

At Tracker’s inception, the objective was to create a highly effective system which would have a material impact not only on vehicle crime but on other forms of crime which often involve stolen vehicles. Tracker’s operational model was established to contribute constructively to the curbing of vehicle crime in South Africa within the parameters of the law and existing law enforcement structures. In addition to Tracker’s extensive recovery resources, our investment in technology has empowered SAPS and other law enforcement agencies, which has resulted in a significant national footprint for fighting crime. 

How does SAPS benefit from this contract?

A significant number of vehicle tracking units have been allocated and installed at no cost to SAPS to assist them in performing their duty to the public at large in terms of combating crime, to protect the South African people, to act faster and be more successful in responding to crimes. 

SAPS has access to Tracker’s operational staff who are obligated to activate tracking units and assist in solving crimes. Tracker also supports the SAPS in the prevention of crime, the investigation of committed crimes and by keeping accurate and updated records of recoveries. 

Tracker is furthermore responsible for maintaining an activation infrastructure and control centre, as well as ensuring that all SAPS staff involved in vehicle crime investigations are trained in using the Tracker technology.

Does SAPS derive any additional benefits from this partnership?

Tracker does not offer financial incentives to any SAPS personnel. Tracker has a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme which was launched in 2004 to pay tribute to members of the SAPS who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This programme provides merit bursaries to surviving children of fallen SAPS personnel, for their tertiary education. The project currently supports between 35 and 48 young adults on an annual basis. 

Tracker also hosts the Annual Tracker SAPS Awards ceremony which recognises SAPS individuals and units for exceptional performance in the fight against crime. A number of trophies and certificates are awarded during this ceremony and the overall winners receive a cheque which is payable to their nominated registered charity. The two top performers also attend the IAATI Annual International Training Seminar which focusses on vehicle crime, the cost of which is borne by both Tracker and SAPS. These individuals have the duty to share their learnings with their fellow officers in order to ensure that South African law enforcement personnel are up to date with the latest crime fighting knowledge and techniques.

Does Tracker make use of government resources to conduct its business?

Tracker has an extensive national operations infrastructure and complements the police response teams with vehicles and resources of its own. Tracker’s overall National Operational Response team of 100 members consists of 40 Law Enforcement Liaison Officers (LELO) who are permanently operational in Tracker owned vehicles that are equipped with appropriate vehicle recovery technology. These LELO’s are supported by 60 additional operations staff who assist with crime intelligence, investigations and manning the 24/7 Secure Operating Centre. 

Does this contract prioritise vehicle crime over other criminal activities in South Africa? 

This contract does not prioritise vehicle crime over other criminal activities in South Africa. This is a clear condition of the contract, and is included in Tracker’s terms and conditions with its clients. As stated previously, Tracker’s technology enhances the police and other law enforcement agencies’ ability to combat crime. Tracker’s technology facilitates efficient and effective recovery of stolen and hijacked vehicles, thereby enabling SAPS to spend more time on other crimes. Vehicle crime also often accompanies other violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery, rape and cash in transit heists. Tracker has contributed to the arrest of some of the most wanted criminals in South Africa, many of whom may still be at large if not for Tracker’s technology and the Tracker/SAPS partnership. 

What has this partnership accomplished?

To date there have been nearly 84 000 stolen or hijacked vehicle recoveries, over 16 000 arrests and more than 740 firearms taken off the streets. 

During Tracker’s first year of operation, more than 4 in every 100 of Tracker’s subscriber base were affected by vehicle crime over a period of 12 months. This has declined to less than 1 in every 100 measured over the same number of months. We recognise this to be a direct result of the significant role that the Tracker/SAPS relationship has played, together with that of other vehicle tracking companies. 

Tracker is committed to our vision of a crime free South Africa for all who live in it.