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Three reasons why a vehicle tracking service is a must

Don’t have a vehicle tracking service yet? Here are three reasons why vehicle tracking is essential.

1. Stolen vehicle recovery
For some people, a car is one of the most significant assets that they own. It is also one of their most expensive purchases, and the loss of the car, if it is stolen, could have great financial repercussions.

While there is only a 5-10% chance of recovering a vehicle without a vehicle tracking service, your car will most likely be recovered when equipped with a tracker. With the continued high rates of vehicle crime in South Africa, there is a reasonable chance that your car could be hijacked or stolen. If things don’t work out in your favour, you could be left with paying for a car you no longer own, in addition to the inconvenience that comes with losing your car.

Installing a tracking device is one of the best precautions you can take to protect your car. Tracking services enable you to personally track and monitor the location of your car, anywhere in the country. Also, having a tracking device that is recognised by insurers can reduce your motor insurance premium because of the improved likelihood of your car being recovered if it is stolen.

2. Your safety
Thanks to modern advancements in vehicle telematics, it’s no longer just about fitting a device to recover a stolen car. These days, there are many different types of vehicle tracking devices and added services available to the market that offer greater care and protection for the families that invest in them.

A vehicle tracker can play an active part in keeping you safe. With more feature rich services, as the driver, you can share your journey with a friend or your family. They are then able to follow your route and know where you are and that you are safe.

Certain services come with impact detection, which immediately alerts the control centre linked to your service if your car is involved in an accident, and can even indicate the severity of the incident. You will then be contacted. If you’re unable to be reached, emergency response vehicles will automatically be dispatched to your location. Similar services also come with an assist button inside the vehicle that can be pressed to receive roadside or medical emergency assistance.

Premium services allow you to set safe and no-go zones. You will then receive a notification should your car enter any high-risk areas.

3. Monitoring
Modern vehicle tracking using GPS/GSM technology allows you to personally monitor and track the location of your car at any time via a smartphone app. You can check the current status of your car – its odometer reading, mileage, whether it is stationary or moving, and its speed and location. This way you can proactively check in to ensure that your car and its occupants are safe, wherever you are. You can also add the subscribed cars of your family members to your profile, enabling you to monitor their safety.

Premium services offer additional benefits. These can include proactive alerts like vehicle movement notifications, and notifications on standard risk events like battery disconnection.

Additional features of tracking services include license renewal reminders and a trip logbook which allows you to track your maintenance, fuel and toll expenses. The trip information in the logbook can also assist you with business and private mileage splits for your tax returns and mileage claims.

“Today’s tracking services are an ideal solution for motorists looking to protect their car and the people in it,” says Colin Hundermark at Tracker South Africa. “Tracking services help to prevent and reduce vehicle crime in our country, and ensure peace of mind and improved safety for customers and their loved ones.”