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There is little doubt that technology offers businesses efficiency in many forms. But the extent to which these efficiencies save time and money differ from one industry to the next. For fleet owners, the savings are unprecedented. Smart technology can literally redefine fleet management by dramatically improving every aspect of the operation. Any business that owns a fleet of vehicles incurs massive costs in running those vehicles. By ensuring deliveries take the quickest route and avoid traffic, the business saves money. By using navigation devices as communication tools cuts down on telephone costs. By integrating with existing systems, businesses can enhance their processes and improve on service delivery. The technology is literally a game-changer.

Tracker Business, leading tracking and fleet management solutions company, powered by TomTom, takes the inefficiencies and inaccuracies out of manual processes for fleet owners. The ability to precisely monitor, assess and improve on fleet operations is incredibly empowering. Businesses can access their tracking data to enhance their existing business systems or processes, whether it be to dispatch the correct vehicle to perform a specific task or bill clients correctly for hours worked on site or make sure that drivers’ overtime claims are correct. Market-leading technology enables fleet owners to make informed business decisions.

Michael van Wyngaardt, Executive for Tracker Business says, “Our aim is to offer the fleet owner seamless control of their business.  Optimising on deliveries, knowing exactly where every driver is every minute of the day, being able monitor the temperature in his refrigerated trucks and being kept informed of which vehicles are going to need services and when – the line of sight into operations is far-reaching.”

Through its partnership with TomTom, Tracker can integrate devices for electronic signature capture and barcode scanning to provide immediate proof of delivery to head office, for example, or mobile printers for the production of customer invoices and receipts.

“Our fleet management solutions already integrate seamlessly with hundreds of office systems but now we intend to expand our integration possibilities in the field,” says Thomas Schmidt, TomTom Business Solutions’ Managing Director.

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Tracker Business, powered by TomTom, now offers extended integration possibilities for its fleet management solution to help companies manage their mobile operations more efficiently. The market-leading technology allows third-party developers to create new applications for use in and around the vehicle. This is enabled by granting access to the Bluetooth channel on Tracker’s in-vehicle tracking device or by giving clients access to the tracking data via an API that they can then use in their existing business systems. New applications will allow businesses to enrich data from hardware, such as tyre pressure sensors, temperature control units, bar code scanners and mobile printers (as examples) with comprehensive information from their vehicle fleet. This means that businesses can now use the tracking hardware in the vehicle to transmit data, real-time to their back office systems. Information from mobile devices can be enriched by comprehensive data generated off Tracker and TomTom fleet management technology.