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Tracker Motorcycle

Tracker Motorcycle is a tailored solution to keep track of your motorcycles.

Tracker Motorcycle provides you with the essential tools to monitor the motorcycles in your fleet through online tracking.

Start tracking your motorcycles today.


Features and Benefits

Fleet Logic Access

Easy access to our state of the art fleet management platform which includes alert, user- and vehicle management.

App and Web Access

The precise whereabouts of your fleet is just a click away.

Theft Retrieval

In the case of theft or hijacking, our National Emergency Control Centre allows us to track and recover your motorcycle from anywhere in South Africa.

Email/SMS Notifications

Receive notifications either via SMS or email. Notification to email (free). Notification to SMS (standard rates).


Access detailed and summary reports on your motorcycle.

SMS Service

Using SMS Position Request (SPR), you can request and receive the location of any of your motorcycles via your cell phone. Standard SMS rates apply

Zones Management - Limited

Receive notifications if any of your motorcycles enter a high-risk area or leave a safe zone you have created.

Early Notifications

If your motorcycle is towed without your permission, has its power supply interrupted, enters a high-risk area or approaches a border, we will send you an automatic notification.

Health Check Services

Tracker is able to remotely check if your fitted devices are working properly.


If your motorcycles are going to leave South Africa, you can request that we activate roaming so you can continue to track the motorcycles in neighbouring countries.

Impact Detection (Optional)

Anything from a collision to driving through a pothole, our Impact Detection Technology will make sure we know about it.

Traffic Information

Allows you to view traffic congestion and other traffic events.

Share My Journey

Keep track of your drivers' safety via the journey-sharing feature on the app.