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Tracker Track and Tow

Price: R 38 per month

Once your stolen vehicle is recovered, Tracker Track and Tow will ensure that it is safely towed from the police pound and taken to an address of your choice, anywhere within South Africa.  

Towing your stolen vehicle from a police pound to an address of your choice is really the last step in an upsetting journey involving a breach of your safety and the protection of your belongings. 

If worst comes to worst and something happens to your vehicle, the last thing you want to worry about is towing it home. We've got you covered, and we're here to take the stress out of towing. 

Take the stress out of towing.

Features and Benefits

Stress-Free Towing

Sometimes things go wrong, and if they do and your car is involved in an accident, we'll make sure towing is one less thing to worry about.

Safety Ensured

We provide hassle-free transport to a destination of your choice, in the safest way possible.

Vehicle Delivery in South Africa

You can stay at home; we will retrieve your vehicle and deliver it safely back to you.