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Fleet management is not the preserve of South Africa’s largest companies alone but is suited to any business with vehicles on the road. Having the means to track, control and maximize a fleet increases efficiencies, improves productivity and simultaneously keeps employees safer on the roads. It’s a win-win situation made even more indispensible to fleet owners when the solution directly meets the required level of functionality and budget.

With many local businesses still feeling the pinch from the economic downturn, fleet management solutions need to prove their worth from day one. The investment needs to be justified and also, should ideally assist in identifying exciting new opportunities, thanks to the ability for businesses to make more accurate decisions, faster. Answering this need for small to medium enterprises (SMME), Tracker Business in partnership with TomTom has launched Optimise Lite.

Michael van Wyngaardt, Executive for Tracker Business explains, “Our solution, in partnership with TomTom, is built on core values of innovation, ease of use, fit for purpose and enhancing the total user experience. Ultimately, our SMME clients also want cutting-edge tracking technology that provides the insights needed to analyse their dispersed operation, but at a competitive price.” He adds, “Over 25, 000 companies rely on TomTom’s world class technology and many of them have earned their investment back within 6 to 9 months*. Optimise Lite offers all the essentials of fleet management and allows for a quick pay-back.”

Catering for the absolute critical functions required to manage a fleet, regardless of size, Optimise Lite still boasts the reliability and security so key to on-road activity. The offering includes:

  • Real-time positioning information for all vehicles
  • Historical insight into where vehicles have travelled in the past 90 days
  • Tracking reports including trip, logbook and notification reports
  • Address management functionality, which stores up to 100 addresses
  • Integrated geo-fencing, to define up to 10 areas
  • Secure web-based access, 24/7

In order to make savings, boost productivity and ultimately reach full potential, a fleet management service must actually be used and adopted within the company, so fleet owners are advised to check for ease of use. “Together with Tracker Business, we want to help SMME’s to be profitable and improve their business performance,” says Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTom Business Solutions. “Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to get valuable insight into their fleet operations. It is essential for us to deliver intuitive products and a good user experience as this drives adoption of the system and speeds up the pay-back period.”

Businesses with small fleets can still benefit enormously from fleet management and cutting-edge tracking technology, thanks to offerings specifically designed to cater for this market in terms of functionality and cost. Having the ability to stay in touch with valuable assets on the road and determine exactly where wastage is occurring, gives small business a great advantage.