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Love Your Car

10 February 2021

Show some appreciation to ensure it keeps taking you places

It’s the month of love, and while you still need to keep your distance to love and protect your friends and family, you can get up close and personal with your car. Also, if it was left wondering if it did something to offend you, having suffered months of neglect and inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it might be crucial to give your car some one-on-one time.

A car is one of the most expensive assets that you’ll purchase during your lifetime. So, take care of your investment by following these tips:

Tip top condition

To keep your car running at peak performance, service it when you’ve reached the annual or kilometres service interval and make sure you always use a reputable workshop. Also, check the oil, water, brake fluid levels and tyre pressure regularly. Keep the battery terminals clean and protected from corrosion. Inspect your car regularly and if you find any faults, get them fixed as soon as possible.

Be cautious when driving on the roads. Avoid driving over foreign or suspicious looking objects, rocks or packets as these could damage your car. Drive with care, avoiding rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

If your car has been standing idle more regularly over the past few months, start it and let it run for a bit at least once a week, to keep the battery charged and everything in running order. Also, move it slightly to avoid flat spots on the tyres. But it’s better to actually drive it, so rather plan a short trip of about 10km, even if it is just a drive around the neighbourhood. Also, keep in mind that petrol has a shelf life, expiring after six months at 20°C or more quickly if it’s exposed to higher temperatures.

Spick and span

Keep your car clean both inside and out, so that you can drive around with pride. Bear in mind that dirt on the car, such as dust, fuel, brake fluid, bird droppings, tree sap and bugs, can corrode the paint. Use quality products to clean and polish your car. While you are lavishing your car with attention, you are sure to discover dents and scratches. Any exposed metal should be dealt with quickly to avoid rust. Also, if you can, it is best to park your car under cover to protect it from weather damage.


Protect your beloved "baby" by installing a vehicle tracker, and test the device regularly to make sure it’s working. These days, vehicle trackers can offer so much more than stolen vehicle recovery. Modern vehicle tracking using GPS/GSM technology allows you to personally monitor and track the location of your car via a smartphone app. This way you can proactively check in to ensure that your car is safe. Premium services offer additional features and benefits. These can include proactive alerts like vehicle movement notifications, notifications on standard risk events like battery disconnection, and zone management that alerts you when you are entering a crime hotspot.

“Remember, life is about the journey,” says Charlette Roetz at Tracker South Africa. “So, travel safely and in style by maintaining your car. That way you’ll be able to enjoy many happy kilometres and adventures together.”