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Tracker celebrated a major milestone in the company’s history when it racked up 75 000 vehicle recoveries since the inception of the business in 1996.

“It is a significant achievement for us to be the first company in our industry to reach this target and I am really proud of the great work that Tracker does to ensure we continue to etch highlights such as this into our history books,” said Wayne de Nobrega, Tracker’s CEO.

De Nobrega further emphasised, “Our philosophy has always been that we want to make a difference and that the impact and benefit should be felt by South Africa. We care about South Africans and are committed to preventing and reducing crime in our country in order to protect them and their families.”

Tracker is not just about stolen vehicle recovery, we also offer a host of products and solutions from usage-based insurance and fleet management solutions to mobile technology applications. Collecting, processing and interpreting data is part of our DNA.  We receive over 35 million data messages daily and turn them into meaningful bits of information which assist our partners to improve and streamline their businesses. This information is also shaped into solutions for our customers which assists them in making their daily travel safer and more efficient. Enabling our customers and business partners to take their safety into their own hands through the use of apps and various other tools means that we are able to empower them to proactively manage their own risk.

With a base of close to 1 million customers and the total number of suspects arrested nearing 15 000 we have cemented our position as the market leader on the African continent and rank amongst the top players in our industry in the world.

We would like to acknowledge the various partners we work with, specifically the South African Police Service, for their role in assisting us to accomplish this success.  It is through these collaborative and proactive partnerships, combined with our advanced technology solutions that enable us to recover over 500 vehicles per month in South Africa.