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23 February 2015

There’s no need to panic. Tracker is more than just a vehicle tracking company. We understand that there are moments in life that shouldn’t be missed because of car troubles. This is why we offer a range of extra-value benefits that assist you to overcome life’s motoring curveballs and to keep you and your loved ones safe. Not only can we track your vehicle when the worst happens, but we’re also available to help in other sticky situations. 24-hour connected roadside assistance, including help with flat tyres, flat batteries and towing, all at the push of a button Set ‘Safe’ Zones around your city and receive SMS notifications if you or a loved one travels outside these zones Set your parked car to ‘lock’, and if it moves without your knowledge, you’ll be notified instantly Receive the latest position and status of your vehicle any time of the day or night Receive SMS notification if anybody breaks into your vehicle An electronic logbook to help with your tax returns and mileage claims And so much more… From soccer games to celebrations, Tracker wants to give you the freedom to make new memories. So let us get you the assistance you need, get your vehicle going, and get you to the game on time. All you need to worry about is where to put the trophy your child is going to bring home.

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