CSI & Do Good

There’s a proverb which says, “give a person a fish and feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime”.

This is how Tracker views the importance of education in building a person for a lifetime. Hence, as a responsible South African corporate citizen, we do our part in providing a lifetime gift of education to the underprivileged communities in which we operate.

Below are Tracker’s educational interventions:

1. SAPS/ Tracker Tertiary Bursary Programme

Tracker’s partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS) continues to strengthen as we vigorously combat crime. This partnership, however, extends beyond the professional sphere. Several years ago, Tracker initiated a SAPS/ Tracker Tertiary Bursary Programme, which provides tertiary merit bursaries for the children of police officers who have passed away in the line of duty.

It was initiated in 2004 and has assisted students studying towards an array of degrees and diplomas, that is, in engineering, medicine, finance, law, marketing, tourism, aviation, etc.

We plan to grow this programme because we believe these children are carrying the seed of greatness in them and we, at Tracker, have made it our responsibility to make sure that these seeds take root and blossom. We can’t think of a more fitting tribute to the parents of these children who have paid the ultimate price in defending their country.

2. Trac Mobile Laboratory

In an attempt to address the Maths and Science challenges facing South Africa's schools, Tracker partnered with the University of Stellenbosch on the TRAC SA project, which seeks to enable and encourage learners to enter into careers in science, engineering and technology, by providing them with both mobile and fixed science laboratory facilities.

The schools that Tracker is empowering with this programme are as follows:

  • Cebisa High School
  • Ithafa High School
  • Lindile High School
  • Masizakhe High School
  • Reggie Masuku High School

"This is a much-needed tool in our schools, where for the first time our learners come into contact with a laboratory. We are also certain that it will make a massive difference in their lives and importantly bring about the desired improvement in the Matric results in our district from this year onwards", said Mr D.D. Nkosi the hosting principal of Ithafa High School in Ermelo.

Tracker is immensely proud of this initiative as it serves as an investment into grooming of tomorrow’s engineers today!

3. The Advanced Sensor Networks Research Group

To further Tracker’s innovative & research drive to achieve certain goals from a socio-economic development point of view, we have partnered with the University of Pretoria’s Advanced Sensor Networks (ASN) Research Group. This is for specific innovation & research projects for final year and postgraduate students.