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Kobus Visagie is the Executive of Business Solutions at Tracker. He is an experienced IT entrepreneur who has 25 years of experience converting IT strategy into integrated solutions that give businesses a competitive advantage. Visagie has extensive technical knowledge of IoT, SaaS solutions, supply chain management, logistics, and various other technology industries. He uses this knowledge and experience to solve business problems for Tracker’s clients.

In this What’s Next interview, Visagie explains how Tracker has evolved from just being a stolen vehicle recovery company to offering a diverse range of additional solution-based services to corporates. Visagie discusses how Tracker incorporates modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to train its neural networks for tasks like predicting traffic patterns and identifying hijacking hotspots. He then outlines Tracker’s partnership with Locus and explains how this will help futureproof Tracker’s fleet management solutions. Visagie also talks about how Tracker implements dash cams in its fleets business and explains all the benefits these devices provide. He then explains how Tracker uses iDrive to track driver behaviour through facial recognition in real-time.

Visagie concludes by discussing the biggest trends he expects to see in the fleet business moving forward.