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Introducing Tracker Dashboards and Analytics

A holistic, real-time fleet management system

Tracker has introduced a new addition to its fleet management system, Tracker Dashboards & Analytics. These dashboards provide a holistic, real-time overview of fleet performance, categorised in terms of KPIs, safety, utilisation, behaviour and trips.

The analytics assist management with fleet business intelligence in five key areas, namely: risk, cost control, fleet utilisation, operations control and asset control. Management has access to consolidated, clear information on vehicle locations and trips, as well as real-time trending data on all events – time, distance, driver behaviour and scoring – enabling live tracking and handling of a fleet.

The Dashboards & Analytics therefore assist management with:

 - Informed decision-making;

Balancing vehicle usage across the entire fleet;

Monitoring the productivity of the fleet;

Identifying risky behaviour to reduce risks associated with costs, possible accident exposure as well as compliance;

Detecting trends and helping to draw conclusions about fleet utilisation and driver behaviour;

Reducing the workload of analysing static telematics reports;

Identifying drivers with poor driving behaviour that may lead to accidents, fines, and/or high fuel consumption;

Identifying drivers with good driving behaviour that could be used in an incentive scheme; and

The identification of trips in excess of the allowed time to ensure rests are taken timeously.

The Dashboards & Analytics are easy to implement, understand and use, and are accessible via the Tracker web app. Drivers have access to a mobile app.

“As a customer centric, innovation and technology focused company, Tracker constantly strives to improve its products, systems and associated product offerings,” says Kobus Visagie, Executive: Business Solutions at Tracker South Africa. “The Dashboards & Analytics provide a full holistic overview on vehicle and driver performance. It further highlights any trends, for instance, over speeding that can then be addressed easily without having to draw and print multiple reports to come to the same conclusion. We are excited about the value it will bring to our business customers.”