My Cover

To make life a little easier, we have created Tracker Cover to help you take the hassle out of your car and household insurance.

Do everything in one app

You can start requesting a new quote, stop and continue later. No more lunchtime or after hour meetings with brokers filling out heaps of paperwork. No more hanging on for call centres only to be cut off at the worst possible time. Now you can do everything, whenever you have time for it, without talking on the phone. It’s all done in the app.

Compare and choose

We believe that people should be able to choose for themselves and also that they should have more to choose from. Because we realise the value of established, trusted insurers, we have partnered with the biggest, most reputable names in the industry; insurers with a proven track record of good service. So, our users get to pick and choose from the cream of the crop. We do make recommendations that are based on the unique insurance needs of each one of our users, but the choice remains yours. We pride ourselves on our independence, which means that you can always know that our recommendation is unbiased.

Get sound advice

What sets us apart from the aggregators out there, is that we would not leave you hanging once we have given you quotes. We give sound, tailored advice, we make recommendations, we explain what is important to look out for and we are available to chat, follow up and even help with the claims process once you have accepted a quote from us.  All in the app. We stay with you every step of the way.