Bringing enhanced transparency to every stakeholder - from dispatch managers to end customers.

Tracker’s Track and Dispatch IQ fleet management solution allows you to track resources on the ground while effectively managing delivery exceptions and reviewing holistic driver metrics for performance tracking. Mitigate fleet risk and improve driver safety through predictive alerts and updates. Facilitate and automate decision-making in your supply chain process with real-time driving insights and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

Using the driver mobile app, push daily dispatch plans and intelligent street-level routing instructions automatically over the cloud, while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction with timely updates. Heightened transparency into fleet and process can facilitate a reduction in operational costs and enhance efficiencies and consistency.

Enjoy bird’s eye visibility from origin to destination through a feature-rich control tower dashboard, driver application and customer-facing tracking interface, which takes planning, optimisation and execution management to a whole new level. The solution easily integrates with existing GPS systems and apps to provide real time tracking of your fleet and workforce anytime, anywhere.

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