A first internationally, Tracker’s unique new service, Tracker CareGuard offers rapid mobile emergency response anywhere within South Africa and at any time, provided in partnership with technology platform Aura. The service enables subscribers to request immediate armed response assistance wherever they are, by simply dropping a location pin in WhatsApp.

Tracker CareGuard offers various packages to meet your specific needs:

  • Tracker CareGuard for Me
  • Tracker CareGuard for Me + One
  • Tracker CareGuard Family (Limited to 5 Members)

With Tracker CareGuard you are sure to be safe. 

How does Tracker CareGuard work?

  • Register to become a Tracker CareGuard subscriber
  • Save Tracker CareGuard as a WhatsApp contact on your phone
  • Should you need emergency assistance, just drop us a pin via WhatsApp
  • We will send an emergency request to the five closest responders to your current location
  • The closest responder to your location will be activated and accept your emergency request
  • The responder is then navigated directly to your location
  • The responder will also receive an instant profile of you with your identity and other relevant information ensuring that they are able to identify you immediately
  • You will receive information so that you can track and identify the responder
  • We also provide control room backup that oversees all activations and can dispatch additional resources if required e.g. SAPS or EMS

You can request a short demo by sending the word "hi" through WhatsApp to 0861 222 781

You are also welcome to contact us directly on 0860 60 50 40 to subscribe or for more information.

Click here for Tracker CareGuard Terms and Conditions.

Click here for Tracker CareGuard Coverage Areas.