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Unlock Your Business Potential with Tracker Data Services. Tracker collects over 166 million data points daily from over 800,000 vehicles countrywide. Our API platform can help you make better informed business decisions.


In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead means making data-driven decisions. With Tracker Data Services, you gain a competitive edge by tapping into a vast reservoir of information— more than 166 million daily data points to be exact.

We provide aggregated, anonymised data sets to help your business make better decisions by understanding vehicle movement and patterns.


Features and Benefits

Quick Integration

Easily access the data through our APIs. Our extensive documentation ensures seamless integration.


Our API platform is built in the cloud on a secure, high performing platform.


Access our APIs through secure OAuth authentication and authorisation.


Get dedicated support from our technical team.

Available Data


We provide information on the movement of vehicles and their origin and profile. You can anticipate customer movements and discern traffic patterns, aiding in strategic decision making and resource allocation.


This determines the number of vehicles that stop in a grid location as well as the origin and profile of those vehicles. By analysing this data, you gain insights into whether your customers primarily hail from nearby locales or from more distant regions and thereby enabling you to better serve your customers.


Provides a record of theft and hijacking events based on where they occurred. This information is then used to determine a statistically accurate risk index score. Trends can be monitored over time. This can be used to assist with managing risk whether it in lending or insurance.


Vehicle usage patterns including: mileage, travel time and utilisation. Including fleet management and maintenance and driver behaviour management