Theft Retrieval

In the case of theft or hijacking, Tracker’s National Emergency Control Centre will set in motion a chain of events that will allow Tracker's extensive partnership network to track and recover your vehicle anywhere within South Africa’s borders.

Location Based Tracking

Thanks to GPS and GSM technology, it's easy to locate your vehicle when parked in unfamiliar surroundings. Tracker’s device communicates your vehicle’s position to our Monitoring Control Centre so that you always know where your vehicle is.


Access detailed and summary reports on your vehicle.

App and Web Access

The precise whereabouts of your vehicle will always be just a couple clicks away via Tracker’s convenient smartphone and web interface. Monitor your vehicle’s location via these apps and get instant assistance using the slider on your smartphone app. *Assistance services dependant on product benefits you have subscribed to

In App Car Guard

Digitally "lock" the position of your vehicle via the app and be notified immediately if your vehicle moves before you have unlocked it.

Licence Reminders

This functionality allows you to set up vehicle licence and driver's licence reminders to ensure you don’t miss your deadlines around licence expiry.

Log Vehicle Expenses

You can capture vehicle related expenses such as maintenance, fuel and tyres.

Roadside and Medical Assistance

Tracker Care includes an Assist Button that you can push in a roadside or medical emergency.
*We recommend testing your assist button 3 - 4 times a year.

Service Reminders

Set up vehicle service reminders by keying in your next service date or odometer reading. You will receive a reminder one calendar month before the date selected or 1,000km before the odometer reading selected.

Share My Journey

Let your loved ones know that you are safe by sharing your journey with them via your app. Here they can monitor your progress and see that you have arrived safely.

Standard Risk Notifications

Tracker's device monitors your vehicle and its location and sends notifications on standard risk events such as main battery disconnect, border and high risk area.

Trip Logbook

In addition to historic mileage and trip information, you have access to an Electronic Logbook to assist you with business and private mileage splits for your tax returns and mileage claims.

Zones Management

Pre-emptively manage the security of your vehicle and its occupants by assigning safe zones and no-go zones via an interactive map. Create, edit and monitor geofences for each of your vehicles and we’ll notify you should your vehicle enter a high-risk area or leave a safe zone.

Accident Assistance

Tracker is notified when your vehicle has been involved in an impact event and will try to contact you to establish if you need Accident Assistance. Should you need it, Tracker will dispatch medical and towing assistance to your location. If we can't get hold of you, we will dispatch assistance immediately.

Key Tag (Optional)

The Key Tag will allow Tracker's Monitoring Control Centre to proactively engage with you should your Tracker device register unauthorised movement.

Contact us on 0860 60 50 40 to find out more

Impact Detection

With the help of smart technology, Tracker Impact Detection can determine when your vehicle has been involved in a significant impact event. This can be anything from a vehicle collision to driving through a pothole.

Assist Button

Allows your drivers to quickly alert you in the case of an emergency.
*We recommend testing your assist button 3 - 4 times a year.

Theft Retrieval

If your vehicle is stolen or hijacked our National Emergency Centre, with the cooperation and assistance of the SAPS, is able to locate and secure your vehicle, and apprehend the thieves.

Notification to email (free)/SMS (standard rates)

Receive notifications either via SMS or email.


Depending on the solution you choose, various reports are available to help you manage your vehicles more effectively and efficiently.

SMS Service

Using SMS Position Request (SPR), you can request and receive the location of any of your vehicles via your cell phone. (Standard SMS rates apply)

Zones Management

Create, edit and monitor safe zones and no-go zones for each of your vehicles through an interactive map on Tracker's web page. The moment your vehicle leaves a safe zone or enters a no-go zone, you’ll be notified. 

Early Notifications

If your vehicle is towed without your permission, has its power supply interrupted, enters a high-risk area or approaches a border, we can send you an automatic notification. Depending on which Tracker service you choose, there are more notification options available for set up. (SMS charged @ standard rates and email is free)

Health Check Services

Tracker is able to remotely check if your fitted devices are working properly.

Roaming (on request)

If your vehicles are going to leave South Africa, you can request that we activate roaming so you can continue to track the vehicle in neighbouring countries.

Web Access

Monitor your vehicle's location and manage your fleet via Tracker’s web app. The precise whereabouts of your vehicle will always be just a couple of clicks away via Tracker's convenient web interface.

Impact Detection

With Impact Detection technology, we’ll be the first to know if there has been any significant impact to your vehicle. This could be anything from a collision to driving through a pothole.

Reports Scheduling

Decide what reports you would like to receive and then have them automatically emailed to you. For example, you can request to receive a trip report summary every day.

Vehicle Grouping

Use the Tracker web or app interface to allocate your vehicles into different groups for monitoring and rule-setting. For example, if you are in the medical services industry, you could have one group dedicated to ambulances operating 24 hours, and another group dedicated to admin vehicles operating between 8am and 5pm.

Maintenance Scheduling

Track and plan for your vehicle’s next maintenance interval so you can minimise downtime and ensure fleet efficiency.

Mapping/Traffic Information

Allows you to view traffic congestion and other traffic events.

Route Planning

Calculate the optimal route for your drivers to take and cut down on time spent on the road, which also reduces fuel costs.

Integration API's

Ability to integrate data from your Tracker devices into other systems.

Driver Monitoring

By making use of one of Tracker's driver identification methods you are able to monitor the performance and behaviour of the driver to ensure safety and efficiency.

Satellite Technology

Ideal for cross-border application because it is not reliant on GSM networks.

Share My Journey

Let your loved ones know that you are safe by sharing your journey with them via your app. Here they can monitor your progress and see that you have arrived safely.

On-Board Cameras

Keep an eye on the road, your drivers and cargo by being virtually inside each one of your vehicles. Our camera solution is equipped with full HD recording, allowing you to capture the day’s events and triggers based on your set parameters. Whether you want to use the footage to mitigate accident risk or you just want to see who loaded your cargo, you will benefit from our camera solution. Optional Infrared cameras can now be fitted to your vehicle in strategic places to provide footage of the loading bay or the fuel tank for example. Incident footage can be accessed via our Empower application 24/7.

Control Sharing

With the user-friendly smartphone app, you can share control of the geyser with tenants, family and friends.

Cost Saving

Tracker Smart Geyser enables you to use electricity more efficiently and prevent costly disasters like a burst geyser.

Easy Installation

The actual sensor installation is very simple and can be done by a qualified plumber. Pairing your geyser with the Tracker Smart Home App, is easy and it works from IOS and Android devices.


Tracker Smart Geyser enables you to use electricity more efficiently with energy savings of up to 40%.

Geyser Dashboard

Monitor daily usage, energy savings and the scheduling of your geyser’s running time via the user-friendly smartphone app. No matter where you are, you’ll always be able to see how much electricity your geyser is using and view your water temperature.

Remote App Access

You can literally view and change the heating schedule and water temperatures straight from your smartphone. The App will also provide you with instant fault notifications.

Risk Reduction

Proactively monitor your geyser’s health, detecting high temperatures, blown elements, leaks and ruptures. Should any abnormalities be detected, a notification will be sent to you and the water supply to the geyser will immediately be shut off to protect your home from further damage.

Request an insurance quote

Everything is done within the app and you only have to enter your details once to get quotes from different insurers.

Compare various quotes

A policy comparison tool, together with our recommendation, makes choosing the right cover easy, clear and simple.

Accept a quote with immediate cover

Once you have accepted one of the quotes provided via the app, you will immediately be covered and receive the necessary policy documentation.

Claim directly via app

Making a claim or getting assistance is an easy, straightforward process, all done through the app.