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South African road safety statistics are inaccurate at best. This makes quantifying the dangers of driving in South Africa almost impossible. Official figures peg road safety costs to the country at R100 million per year, road accidents at R309 billion per year and claim approximately 14000 road deaths annually.  One thing is certain though; driver vulnerability is at an all time high.

The solution to this crisis may lie in South Africans taking their safety into their own hands, where their mobile phones just happen to be most of the time.

Technology possesses the ability to make driving safer. Vehicle safety company, Tracker, has launched an app that keeps all drivers in South Africa connected with their vehicle and loved ones.

Designed to increase vehicle and driver safety through connectedness, the app - called Tracker Connect - uses Tracker’s sophisticated technology to measure risks and monitor vulnerabilities.

Charlette Roetz, Marketing General Manager at Tracker; “The risks associated with driving are greatly reduced when drivers have better access to information. This is why we have launched an app that essentially connects drivers and their loved ones to their cars.”

The Tracker Connect app also allows you to instantly locate your vehicle from your phone, and find out what the current status of your car is. You can instantly ascertain whether your vehicle is stationary or moving, at what speed it is travelling, which road it is positioned on, and you are able to get an odometer reading. Easy viewing is enabled through the latest technology in street mapping or a combination of street and satellite maps.

The functionality enables you to locate and follow vehicles of family members that are loaded in your profile. Built-in stolen vehicle reporting and medical emergency roadside assistance features offer the best chance to react and avert a crisis timeously.

Accurate location tracking means you are able to capture all vehicle related expenses directly on the application. A readily accessible logbook has the ability to capture both business and private mileage specifically for your Tax requirements.

Roetz continues, “It was clear to us that motorists are under extreme pressure. So developing a world class all in one safety app, where all essential information is accessible in one place, was a priority for us. An informed, connected driver is more easily able to mitigate both risks and costs, and on your own terms.”

Tracker Connect is a free download and is available to anyone who has a Tracker telematics device installed. The app, for iOS and Android devices, can be found at the respective app stores or you can download it here. For further information contact 0860 60 50 40.