Accidents are an unfortunate reality of our business, and while these may be caused by various factors, 94% of the time, accidents are caused by human error.

Of these accidents, 72% are caused by driver fatigue, speeding, recklessness, or distractions.

Because of accident claims, costs of trucking and other commercial vehicles, insurance premiums are skyrocketing.



With Tracker AI Dashcam, you can help your drivers stay alert on the road.

Tracker AI Dashcam is an integrated, dual-camera device that faces both the road and the driver and can recognise event triggers such as speeding, accidents, as well as various AI triggers, like fatigue, distraction and safety belt usage. 

It uploads all this information to a secure online cloud-based portal, giving you and the drivers real-time alerts, supported by video footage.

The Tracker AI Dashcam ecosystem is comprised of four components that work together to improve driver safety and fleet efficiency:



Reports and Analytics   AI Technology        Driver Monitoring Fleet Management



Advanced Analytics and Reporting


Company and driver scoring on safety, efficiency and compliance

Advanced reports based on predictive and prescriptive analytics

Custom reports on drivers that need coaching

Configurable parameters for scoring

Analytical dashboards

Driver performance management and monitoring dashboards


Trust the Tracker AI Dashcam to

Alert the driver in real-time through a speaker and display of an event that could lead to a potential accident (distraction, drowsiness, speed)


Record all other events and create a dashboard for management to review and assist with coaching

Reduce accidents risks from 72% to 32% through avoidance and coaching

Lower insurance costs through reduced claims


Tracker AI Dashcam Portal Secure cloud-based portal

To help you track your fleet and ensure your business gets only the absolute best, we developed our portal to be an intelligent application that works

with Tracker AI Dashcam to assist fleet managers in identifying critical driving behaviours.

Our artificial intelligence fleet monitoring platform makes your Tracker AI Dashcam information easy to understand and gives you insights that allow

you to assess your fleet for efficiency, safety, and compliance through one single AI platform.


Embedded AI

Real-time drowsiness and distracted driving detection and alerts

Embedded facial recognition and driver identification

Embedded safe distance warning for following too close to other vehicles

Fact-based decision making through predictive and prescriptive analytics

Proprietary AI, deep-learning and computer vision algorithms

AI to assess risks and warn drivers with real-time alerts

Custom AI sets and training data

Fleet machine-learning with advanced AI features