All your fleet data, processed and organised into visual dashboards, that not only give you an overview of the true state of your fleet and drivers, but allows you to make real-time business decisions with confidence.

Click the links below to watch our videos and see how Tracker Dashboards and Analytics can benefit your business:

Introduction to Dashboards

Utilisation Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Behaviour Dashboards

Trips Dashboards

Safety Dashboards

Benefits of using Tracker Dashboards and Analytics

Holistic overview of fleet performance, categorised in terms of KPIs, safety, utilisation, behaviour and trips

A real-time view of fleet performance

Informed decision-making without the time consuming efforts of digging through reports

Monitor the productivity of the fleet

Detect trends and help conclude fleet utilisation and driver behaviour

Identification of trips above the allowed time to ensure driver fatigue management

Balance vehicle usage across the entire fleet

Identify risky behaviour to rectify and mitigate future risks

Reduce the workload of analysing static telematics reports

Identifies drivers with good driving behaviour for incentive schemes

Identify drivers with poor driving behaviour in order to address the behaviour and reduce accident risk