Tracker Home

Tracker cares about you and your loved ones. To make life a little easier, we have created Tracker Home giving you peace of mind while you enjoy life. Our number one priority is protecting and caring for you and your loved ones with innovative and leading products and services.

To qualify for the Tracker Smart Geyser solution your geyser should:

Be an electric geyserBe installed in your home and not outsideHave a drip tray (if you are not sure, you can still proceed with the application)

What our customers are saying:

Frank Engelbrecht - Since installing this device in October 2020, I can say without a doubt that this was one of the better decisions I have made. Not only did I see a drop in my electricity bill I can also manage it from wherever I am.  The App installed on your smartphone, is easy to use and peace of mind even if you forget to switch off your geyser. One can control the temperature of your geyser and even switch it on or off remotely whenever the need arises.  

Sacchin Maharaj - I usually do not entertain tele-sales but from the start of the call I was interested. This is because of the professionalism of the sales agent. I knew I was not speaking to just your average tele-salesperson. He got to the point immediately about the value of the product, explained everything clearly and succinctly and the process did not take long. The installation was done promptly thereafter, and the team was professional and courteous. I have had no issues with the App so far and it is fairly responsive. Using this system, I am able to run my geyser for only a few hours a day and I am sure to see the savings come through. I highly recommend this system.


Mark Palmer - I was offered the Tracker Home Smart Geyser installation late last year, and on thinking this would be a good idea, I went ahead and authorised the installation. The installation was done by a very knowledgeable team who were able to install the geyser unit in no time.  I am very happy with this product as it allows me to manage the geyser remotely on my phone.


Ivan Otterstrom - The crew arrived on time, did their art, helped me with the App and that was it.  We are saving some R300-400 per month with this gadget. We can set the temp, for normal days and adjust whenever we have family to visit for a weekend.