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Tracker Roam’s satellite technology delivers fast and reliable vehicle monitoring via email and mobile notifications. 

With the help of our user-friendly web interface, you have a 24/7 satellite tracking, monitoring and communication solution throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa at any time. 

Fast and reliable vehicle monitoring.

Fast and reliable vehicle monitoring.

Features and Benefits

Email/SMS Notifications

Receive notifications either via SMS or email. Notification to email (free). Notification to SMS (standard rates).


Access detailed and summary reports on your vehicle.

Zones Management

Receive notifications if any of your vehicles enter a high-risk area or leave a safe zone you have created.

App and Web Access

The precise whereabouts of your fleet is just a click away.

Reports Scheduling

Here you can access detailed and summary reports on your vehicle.

Vehicle Grouping

Use the Tracker web or app interface to allocate your vehicles into different groups for monitoring and rule-setting.

Traffic Information

Allows you to view traffic congestion and other traffic events.

Route Planning

Calculate the optimal route for your drivers to take and cut down on time spent on the road, which also reduces fuel costs.

Satellite Technology

Ideal for cross-border application because it is not reliant on GSM networks.