Track and communicate with your teams at all times.

Tracker Extend allows you to track and communicate with your teams at all times. It gives you the full range of self-managed TomTom benefits, meaning no fleet is too big or small to handle. Enjoy in-cab communication with your drivers through their Personal Navigation Device. With job scheduling and dispatching, you’ll help them stay on top of their tasks, arriving at their destinations safely, efficiently, and on time.

Notification to email (free)/SMS (standard rates)

Receive notifications either via SMS or email.


Depending on the solution you choose, various reports are available to help you manage your vehicles more effectively and efficiently.

Zones Management

Create, edit and monitor safe zones and no-go zones for each of your vehicles through an interactive map on Tracker's web page. The moment your vehicle leaves a safe zone or enters a no-go zone, you’ll be notified. 

Roaming (on request)

If your vehicles are going to leave South Africa, you can request that we activate roaming so you can continue to track the vehicle in neighbouring countries.

Web Access

Monitor your vehicle's location and manage your fleet via Tracker’s web app. The precise whereabouts of your vehicle will always be just a couple of clicks away via Tracker's convenient web interface.

Reports Scheduling

Decide what reports you would like to receive and then have them automatically emailed to you. For example, you can request to receive a trip report summary every day.

Vehicle Grouping

Use the Tracker web or app interface to allocate your vehicles into different groups for monitoring and rule-setting. For example, if you are in the medical services industry, you could have one group dedicated to ambulances operating 24 hours, and another group dedicated to admin vehicles operating between 8am and 5pm.

Maintenance Scheduling

Track and plan for your vehicle’s next maintenance interval so you can minimise downtime and ensure fleet efficiency.

Mapping/Traffic Information

Allows you to view traffic congestion and other traffic events.

Route Planning

Calculate the optimal route for your drivers to take and cut down on time spent on the road, which also reduces fuel costs.

Integration API's

Ability to integrate data from your Tracker devices into other systems.

Driver Monitoring

By making use of one of Tracker's driver identification methods you are able to monitor the performance and behaviour of the driver to ensure safety and efficiency.

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