At Tracker, we understand that time is critical to your business. We also understand that your business is about getting goods from A to B, delivering an efficient service to your clients, minimising the risks associated with doing this and improving the effectiveness and productivity of your fleet.

Tracker offers various fleet analytics and bureau services that support and compliment our range of fleet management solutions.

This solution puts a stop to “analysis paralysis”. The key to this solution lies in the accuracy and abundance of data and its unique approach to analysing “Big Data”. Through the hybridisation of human intelligence and computing power, Tracker Smart Fleet Analytics signals the dawn of a new era in terms of maximising returns from fleets of any size. Tracker Smart Fleet Analytics offers scalability and gives users an affordable entry level option which places information such as overall fleet health, total cost of ownership, performance and utilisations targets at fleet operators fingertips. Fleet operators are also given the opportunity to fully customise the solution by frequently incorporating relevant electronic data to deliver bigger and more dynamic returns from the fleet.

Tracker Smart Fleet Analytics provides:

  • Business Intelligence and Analysis
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Actionable Fleet Data
  • Effective Cost Management
  • A secure internet-based log-in portal and dashboard which includes:
    • An executive overview dashboard which includes a daily update of all analytics
    • Distance travelled by the fleet and the cost thereof
    • Behavioural index analysis
    • 10 best and 10 worst drivers for the designated period
    • High risk trips
    • Breakdown of driving events
    • Highlights of problematic areas which lead to higher operational costs

The Tracker Smart Control Room is a bureau service for customers that require active monitoring of their fleet. It is a live service which records, monitors and escalates events, based on the customer service level agreement. Weekly and monthly reports will be provided based on any exceptions recorded and performance and behavioural trends will also be evaluated.

Tracker Smart Camera Monitoring (Optional)

The Tracker Smart Camera Monitoring option can be added to the Tracker Smart Control Room and gives control room agents the opportunity to actively monitor exceptions for customers that make use of in-cab cameras. Agents will monitor, report and consolidate all exceptions with the relevant footage based on the customer’s pre-defined SLA.

The Smart Bureau combines Tracker’s Smart Fleet Analytics and Smart Bureau functions and provides customers with a comprehensive offsite fleet monitoring and analytics tool.

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Live Monitoring
Tracker Smart
Fleet Analytics
Tracker Smart
Control Room
Tracker Smart
High Risk Events
Main Battery Disconnect
Harness Disconnect
Tow Notification
Border Approach
Assist Button
Impact Detection (When Available)
Driving Events
Road Over Speed
Over Speeding (Customer Set Speed Limit)
Harsh Braking
Excessive Idling (When Available)
Route Deviation (When Setup or Available)
Untagged Driver on Ignition On (When Available)
Scheduled Events
Maintenance Schedules (Services, Tyres, Brakes, Oil etc.)
Daily Unit Health Check
High Risk Trips (Trips Exceeding Customer Set Duration)
Driver Performance (Based on Risk Factors)
Feedback on Open, Closed and Pending Events
High Risk Vehicles (Based on Risk Factors and High Risk Trips)
Vehicle Utilization
Total Cost of Operation (When combined with Analytics Product)
Accident Reconstruction Assistance (When Available)
Online Dashboard
Tracker Smart
Fleet Analytics
Tracker Smart
Control Room
Tracker Smart
Daily updated analytics executive overview dashboard (user configurable analysis period)
Distance travelled for the entire fleet and the cost thereof for the selected period
Behavioural index analysis (per vehicle/per driver) and the cost there of for the selected period
Bottom 10 drivers for the selected period
Top 10 drivers for the selected period
High-Risk trips (greater than 2 hours or 200 km and night-time driving)
Breakdown of number of driving events (speeding, harsh braking, harsh steering etc.)
Highlighting problematic areas that cause high operational costs
Drill-down to per vehicle analysis