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Tracker is making it more convenient for parents and teachers to keep track of school buses with the introduction of the #MySafeKidz app and web portal. The first of its kind app allows parents at participating schools to download the app to their smartphone from the iStore and Android play stores. Access to a web portal is granted to schools allowing them to update routes, drivers and name buses based on extramural activities.

#MySafeKidz is a Tracker initiative that seeks to help schools better manage their bus fleet while providing parents with the ability to track the location of a bus at all times. For parents, knowing where the bus is provides them with peace of mind and makes life easier.

Tracking devices are installed on the buses of schools that opt-in to the initiative. School staff can then track and manage their school buses, request various reports as well as check and manage the bus route and zone through a web portal. Tracker will also assist in facilitating various roadside and medical emergency events like a flat tyre, running out of fuel, locksmith and medical assistance on the request from the school.

Parents that have been granted access approval by the school can use the app to see live updates on and track the location of all the school's buses to an accuracy of within five metres. This becomes handy for parents as they don't have to wait for hours or constantly call the school to find out what time the bus will arrive, they can now check this on their app.

"The #MySafeKidz initiative is part of Tracker's brand promise "To care is to protect" and is deeply embedded within the culture of the company and everything we do," says Charlette Roetz, Tracker Connect Marketing head. "And it is our care for our children that has led us to develop an app that puts their safety first and ensures that parents are aware of the whereabouts of the school bus at all times."

Currently, there are more than 40 schools involved in the initiative, and growing every month. We hope that more schools will trust Tracker to care for their children and take up the tracking initiative to offer peace of mind to teachers and parents.

To find out more, e-mail mysafekidz@tracker.co.za.

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Our Testimonials:

"When they first approached me with this initiative, I was skeptical about the “no strings attached” policy. More than a year later, I can honestly attest that we have had a stress free and efficient relationship with Tracker. We really appreciate our school bus being protected by their services and also enjoy that we get SMS reminders from Tracker whenever our bus travels in high-risk areas (telling us that they are really keeping and eye out for us). I recommend the initiative to any school. We have certainly been blessed by it."

Erika Helmbold, Principal, Solid Foundations Primary School, 15 April 2019