At Tracker we use innovative technology to ensure the safety of your vehicles and the people who use them. Our new Tracker app is no different. With this easy-to-use app on your smartphone or tablet, you can instantly locate your vehicle, view it on street and satellite maps and even find out whether it's stopped or moving, its speed and the vehicle’s odometer reading. So you are always in the know. Best of all, with the flick of a button, you can contact us in an emergency without having to remember our number.

Click here​ to download our Interactive How to Guide.


For Apple iOs devices:

For Android devices:

Summary of Key Features:
  • ​Vehicle list and vehicle details.
  • Vehicles shown on map.
  • Tax and vehicle usage trip logs.
  • Tax expenses log.
  • Car finder functionality (basic and advanced).
  • Trip playback.
  • SMS Notification ability.
  • Follow additional vehicles (in your profile).
  • Display of vehicle information:
    • Status (parked, driving, etc).
  • Odometer reading.
  • Emergency Centre:
    • Report Stolen Vehicle.
    • Roadside Assistance.
    • Medical Emergency.
  • In App Car Guard remotely “locks” the position of your vehicle
  • Share my journey gives friends and family access to your trips and adventures.
  • Inbox for Quick access to notifications
  • License reminders
  • Service reminders