Tracker Care
Always by your side
Tracker Care is part of the family. The level of protection is so personalised, it’s inspired by the care you take in looking after yourself and your loved ones. Now you can let them explore their world, knowing that they’re safe in the hands of Tracker on every journey. 

Let your daughter take an epic road trip, go glamping with the family, drive till you find a place to renew your vows. Just get out there. 

Tracker Care includes an Assist Button inside your vehicle that can be activated in a roadside or medical emergency. You can also share your journey with loved ones so that they know where you are and whether you have arrived safely.

Tracker Care has a host of benefits including the ability to set up notifications like In App Car Guard and Zones Management, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle and the people in it are safely where they are meant to be.

There's something extremely comforting in knowing that help is on its way. Even if you haven't said a word. Should you or a loved one be involved in an accident, Impact Detection technology will detect any significant impact to your vehicle and alert us immediately of your situation. We will try to contact you and if we're unable to reach you, we will facilitate the dispatch of emergency response vehicles to your location.

You and your family have the freedom to explore knowing that Tracker Care is always by your side.

Tracker Care is suitable for all vehicles and is recognised by motor manufacturers and major insurers.​

Get Tracker Care today for you and your family.

Tracker Care




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